How will my vein disease be treated?

At California Vein & Vascular Institute, the extent of disease is determined and a treatment plan is tailored to the individual.  Our equipment is state of the art  for evaluation and diagnosis. We offer noninvasive as well as minimally invasive outpatient treatment for your vein problems. 

Our treatment options may involve gradient compression stockings, vein injections (visual sclerotherapy and ultrasound directed sclerotherapy), or same-day outpatient procedures (ambulatory phlebectomy and endovenous laser ablation). We strive to improve cosmetic appearance, resolve symptoms and minimize recurrence of vein disease.

Compression Hose:

Medical compression hose are recommended to help minimize symptoms and maximize the benefits of treatments.  Their purpose is to assist the leg in returning blood to the heart and minimize pooling of blood in dysfunctional veins.  It is important to follow recommendations given at the time of the consultation to assure the best results and help to avoid treatment failure. 

California Vein & Vascular Institute is an authorized dealer of the highest quality medical compression hose available.  We offer a variety of strengths and sizes in many fashionable colors and styles. More information can be found at

Visual Sclerotherapy:

Most small red, blue or purple veins can be treated by visual sclerotherapy. A medication is injected into small visible veins. An inflammatory response is initiated which causes the treated vein to collapse.  Once the vein is no longer functioning, it will be reabsorbed by the body.  Sometimes the visible blue and red veins need more than one treatment to completely disappear.  More information can be found at

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy:

Under ultrasound guidance, the sclerosing medication can be injected into dysfunctional veins that are not apparent on the skin surface. Although these veins are not obvious, they contribute to treatment failure and recurrence of abnormal veins on the skin surface if not treated. This technique is performed in the office and normal daily activity can be continued without interruption.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy:

Larger veins are easily treated with removal. This can be accomplished through a series of tiny punctures in the skin. The vein is then gently teased out from the tissue just under the skin. This procedure is performed in the office with local anesthetic. The patient is able to walk immediately after and may return to routine activities. However, heavy lifting should be avoided for two weeks.  With ambulatory phlebectomy, recovery is rapid and recurrence of varicose veins is decreased.  More imformation can be found at

Endovenous Laser Ablation:

Using state of the art laser technology, this procedure treats the dysfunctional greater saphenous vein.  The laser fiber is threaded into the greater saphenous vein through a large needle in the thigh or leg. Laser energy closes the vein which treats the patientís leg discomfort and unsightly veins.  The procedure takes less than one hour, and normal activities may be resumed the same day. Studies show a much higher success rate and lower complication rate with vein ablation procedure than surgical vein stripping.  More information can be found at

Will treatment of my veins require many days away from work and other daily activities?

No.  The expertise of our vascular specialist who uses the newest minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of vein disease allows us to provide state of the art treatment on an outpatient basis.  You should be back to your daily routine the same day.


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